Their Love For Peter Steele Is Reflected In the Artwork

As I noted yesterday, this year my family has been given the opportunity to see all the beautiful works of art that fans have made honoring Peter. Every day, we are amazed at the creativity that comes from men and women around the world -- all inspired by a humble person -- Peter.

If you have ever gotten a chance to meet Peter at shows or meet n greets, you'd see that he was honored when someone handed him artwork or music inspired by his own talent. He turned red sometimes. He made jokes. He'd make fun of you or voiced crazy noises . But he always brought his fan's creative talents back home with him, where he shared them with his mother and sisters.  When it came to receiving cds or tapes from up and coming bands, he listened to them. He shared the recordings with us. He brought us to concerts to see bands. He supported and gave back to the music community.  He was ... amazing and kind to everyone.

Today's post is about thanking the fun, colorful and zany people who have friended us through this blog and on our facebook pages. From Karla Collins to Mary Wolfe to Veronica De La Rosa Diaz to Joey James Hernandez to Tabitha Buckmen Bendeich -- to name a few -- have created art and shared it with our Steele Family -- you have brightened our lives with your generosity and dazzling creativity.

Here are a few family favorites ... Enjoy

Posted with permission from Mary Wolfe who created this birthday card for Peter
Thank you Mare for sharing

 by Joey James Hernandez

The Perfect Piece for Spring
by Mary Wolfe

For everyone else who has regularly offered words of encouragement or fought the haters on our behalf, a big hug goes out to so many people -- thousands to be exact -- like Isa, Elke, Windy, Dianna, Carrie Ann, Jeanne, Brandy, Deborah, Theresa, Stephanie, Pat, Jessica, Amy, Rose, Sean, Erik, Dunebuggy,  Agnes, Marcheline, Sabine ... the list of names goes on and on.

We Are Blessed


  1. A big huge hug right back to you and yours!

  2. i always enjoy joey james' work. true talent!!

    thank you so much for using my pieces in your blog. it means a lot to me!

    much love and TONs of respect to the RATAJCZYK family. may your days become less painful and your memories of PETE be plentiful and full of love.

    hugs and much much love to the RATACHICKS!!!

  3. Mary and Joey do such beautiful pictures of Pete and I wish to thank them as well for all the love and beauty they give us. Every time I find a new one, I am just thrilled. :) Im so glad to have had the opportunity to get to know some of you, even from so far away. What we wouldnt give to see some of those faces and sounds Pete would be making now..

  4. Lot´s of hugs for the Ratajcyk family. Love you all. Peter will always remain in my heart and will never be forgotten.

    Alexandra Johansson

  5. Love to you all!!

  6. It' s been two years,it still hurts...Healing takes time and goes both ways.fans supporting family,family consoling fans.We both will get throuh and honour The great soul.thank you.m

  7. Beautiful pics by Mary & Joey - thank you for sharing them. They are all breath taking. Karla - very true words: What we wouldnt give to see some of those faces and sounds Pete would be making now..
    Darcie & family: A big thank you & hug to all of you for sharing so much with us. It 's truly amazing how many people's life Peter has touched and inspired. Thank you for letting us be part of your extended family!
    -Much love & respect-

  8. I am always so happy to see the love that we all share for Peter through our paintings, pictures, tattoos, messages and poems. I think there would be enough to have our own art gallery! Peter lives in us all forever. Also a Very Big Thanks to Darcie and Peters family for continuing to show interest in us... it means so much to me. To have a connection with you all and to know you love to see our art and want to hear our stories and comments... has been a blessing.

  9. Rest in peace Peter along with your beloved family. Thank you for your music, your lyrics relates to my life. Everything dies, everybody I love will die. I won't forget you, we miss you Peter.

    Life is short.

  10. Rose R from NY now in CA7:44 PM, June 19, 2012

    Every time I see pictures dedicated to Peter Steele I get a chill. What an honor to see us fans messages and pictures knowing we all feel the same way about this magnificent man. Every one of us knows the music, the man. We all feel it, we all are one. Thanks everyone. Love you all.

  11. I miss his music,yet I find a certain peace in knowing his internal suffering is over.I find comfort everyday in his music,it calms me,uplifts me,inspires me...but I guess that is what TRUE art does doesn't it?
    R.I.P. Peter,you were a true artist among artists.
    ~erik hernandez~