It Is A Rare Relationship When ...

Mardie & Peter...
First love & loyal confidantes of over 30 years...

It's a rare relationship when two people can just lose themselves within each other ....
Sort of takes your breathe away, doesn't it ?

For all the takers that surrounded Peter later in his life, there were some people who always cared for him throughout different parts of his life. Some of them were the lovely ladies who the family holds dearly ... some were the real friends who gave when others only took.

Peter loved nature, we would often take trips to beautiful places in the woods and spend the whole day exploring. He really loved the feeling of disappearing for the day and no one knowing where we were. This pic is from the renaissance fair, he loved to go there and go back in time, he said that this period in time made him feel "homesick". We would dress up and get into it as if we really lived in this time, eating turkey legs with our hands and all. Of course he would make turkey noises while eating, he was such a joker and always made me laugh. This is just one of hundreds of memories. He was not only my husband but my best friend. The most beautiful thing about Peter was he didn't realize how very special he was. – Donna

To the real friends and loves of Peter's life --
a heartfelt thank you for appreciating Peter
for the extraordinary soul that he was
and loving him despite his faults.


  1. It makes me happy that he had women in his life as Mardie, Donna and Lisa!
    Those who loved him for his own sake!
    Only true pure love!

  2. I'm glad that he had real true people to love him also, he is so missed .....Amy

  3. Its always good to know that Peter had people in his life that he loved and trusted. It must be hard sometimes to know who is with you because they love you or only for the fame. Peter had such a loving soul I am sure there were many people who took advantage of him. I could see Peter living back in the Renaissance period, I think he had some strong connections to his past lives. To all the women that truly loved Peter I say Thank You. Donna, Thank You for sharing your story with us. Nice to see a picture of you and Peter together. He truly was an exceptional person.

  4. I love that Peter did have true love in his life with Mardie and Donna! They both must be special ladies who helped him out and stayed close with him his entire life. This is very sweet. I loved that picture of Peter at the Renaissance Fair with Donna. I have gone to that the past couple years and always wondered what Peter would have thought of it and if he ever went to the NY one near me. It is so cool as a fan to know he was into it and Donna looks so pretty as a princess in the picture. Thanks so much for sharing. I am sure Peter is smiling down on Donna and Mardie all the time. RIP Peter.----Jessica D.

  5. That pic of Pete and Mardi always makes me feel like that is a rare and amazing relationship.... so glad they had each other. Forver (-)

  6. thanks to everyone who wrote a note to us this week ... sending love from Brooklyn to the world ...

  7. I never had, nor have the opportunity to meet Peter in person.
    But it hurts a lot, and I miss him. The way is listen to your music and eternalize him through them.

    Kisses to al Peter's family
    Élly - Brazil

  8. Mardie and Donna..XoXoXo

    Peter was so blessed to have you in his life <3

  9. lucky ladies !!! donna and mardie you mustve been something else !!his love mustve been unreal my hubby reminds me of PETER !! thats the only man my hubby doesnt mind me ever liking to this day !!i have been with my hubby since 1989 true love never dies EVER !!

  10. I was a little sad because the posts weren't coming as frequently, and bam! here's a new one :-)

    But it is sad that today is the anniversary of his death. May he rest in peace </3

  11. These pictures are so lovely, beautiful and touching. Everytime I see this pic of Pete & Mardie it’s taking my breath away as one can really feel the strong binding between them – so beautiful - completely lost in each other – very rare. Thank you for posting this very beautiful pic of Pete & Donna. Donna – thank you for sharing your personal memories. So much emotion comes across thru this picture & both of you look so beautiful. It makes me glad to see these pics and to know about the beautiful and caring ladies in Pete’s life – you must be all very, very special personalities.
    -Much love & respect-

  12. Thank you, Darcie, for posting these very different but very loving parts of Peter's life. Mardie and Donna, it seems as if Peter could only truly feel romantic love for an extraordinary woman. Each of you must be devastatingly brilliant and unique!

    Thank you to each of you, for allowing us to peek into what was once your life with Peter. I'm sure there are fans who will live through you a little while reading your stories, perhaps through envy-green eyes, but knowing Peter was with you, respected you and stayed by your side is a nice feeling nonetheless. I trust that your lives are rewarding no matter what fate's thrown your way.

    Many of us were very curious about you, Donna, and it seems like Peter and his family care a great deal about you and want to protect you if need be. Thanks for stepping forward into the limelight, however briefly.

  13. I didn't know Peter was married!

  14. Happy birthday Peter...51 years old today. Your music still plays on...

  15. I often wonder why these women didn't make it to the end....I'm assuming Pete and Donna divorced...and Pete and Mardie broke up.. ...shame he didn't have the kids and family life he said he wanted. Poor Pete :(

  16. I lived my life around peters gothic vision and he made me who i am today i had he chance to meet him in high school on the october rust tour. Truely loved and missed. A fan.

  17. I wish I had a chance to meet him, recently been watching interviews and listening to his Music,I have a baritone so he is the only singer I can actually sing well , he is an inspiration us both being tall baritone capricorns, I'm happy I have u tube ,I don't know why I've been thinking about type o so much in some strange way I feel like picking up where he left off, it's just awful that we must die but we must carry on to something better ,I believe he must still be with us in a better way

  18. Thank you Peter, for being original, and having something to say.
    Rest in peace.

  19. Donna, this is to say thank you for sharing such a personal insight into your life with Peter. There's a whole side to him that often gets lost in the public and stage persona. It's not just about Halloween. I'm so happy to know you shared a married life together and that he experienced that special intimacy. You both took that great chance and while it's sad it didn't last, those memories remain with the spirit even after we leave this world. It will have contributed to his growth as a person because I do believe and feel that at the deepest level the most important people who affected him the most were his inner circle of family and friends. The rest was all in passing through the years.

  20. Hello to all, I look at Pete everyday on videos and see how much he was committed to his fans, loving green eyes black hair and that smile, I bet you miss him dearly his music and words help me when I am feeling alone, his performances were always wonderful even up to the last performance I saw on you tube. I am new too type o negative many months I've played there music, and purchased many CDs, his music and lyrics will live on much love Jo from Liverpool UK

  21. I was lucky enough to have known him as a friend for many years. He was as good of a guy as you could ever hope for. Not a day has gone by without me sending a little prayer up to wherever he is that he's with everyone he loved and missed and he found what he needed so badly.

  22. I am a fan from Brazil.I still listen to TON and wish Peter was still with us.He was truly unique.and brilliant.there will never be anyone like him.Rest in peace,Darling.I love you

  23. Did Peter receive Extreme Unction from a valid priest before or right after he passed away?
    Peter was one of the last
    Rock N Roll musical geniuses.
    Never had the blessing of seeing Type O live.
    Besides being crushed by my soul mate at a very young age,not seeing Type O live is one of the biggest regrets in my life.
    Reqiueum Aeternam Dona eis Domine,et lux perpetua luceat eis requiescat in Pace.