I Can Still See Peter Steele's Ghost Walking In Brooklyn

Barely a Whisper of Peter Steele Walking in the Snow Near the Verrazano Bridge
PHOTO BY KARLA COLLINS posted with permission

Do you feel him nearby? When you are in Prospect park, do you see a green man sitting in the tree? Did you hear him chuckle when you were making Oatmeal cookies on Saturday night? Or feel his presence at the last show you played at ?  It's the memories that we have of Peter, through his songs, his jokes, his laughter (at you) that keeps him alive.

Since I've taken time off from writing on the blog, I've noticed all the beautiful ways that you, his fans have kept him alive in your lives. From fan artwork like Karla Collins' pictures, to poetry and personal rememberances that I've seen on various fan FB sites and personal pages. In the year, the family has been honored with christmas balls made in TON splendor, jewelry too beautiful not to wear, an inspired dream catcher, poetry, songs written about Peter, thoughtful words posted on family pages and of course, the many people who have graciously given money to charities dear to our hearts (Patty Piorkowski: you are too kind ! ).

From today through Saturday, I hope to add to the celebration of Peter's life by sharing some inspirations with you. This is also a thank you to our extended family who have been through this heartbreak with us ... and kept us smiling when we really didn't want to.

To kick us into the spirit of April, here is reminder from Angie who comments on here with the name Scratchnsniff :

april is here -
no warmth in that...
it's cold in our hearts,
as the spring-sun laughs

the green has returned -
fresh, lush, & bright...
but our autumn hearts love,
and miss your gold light


we see you, green man and lady
we see all that you do...
you take what we love,
to nourish anew

nothing is wasted...
all energy transforms...
everything dies...
except spirit-essence

thinking of you, ratachickies :'(
Love and Respect, as always

Thank you again for playing Peter's music, telling stories about his generosity and inner beauty, and corrupting more people into listening to his music.

~ Peace... Darcie


  1. He will always be remembered. A great man will never be forgotten!

  2. Thank you for sharing Peter's life with us. Peace be with you. He is greatly missed. xx

  3. It's hard to believe yet another year has passed.....
    Still feels like he's here, just like other loved ones.

    I'll honor him by playing TON, as usual, and light a candle in my window.

    funny thing, since his passing i have been dreaming about him a lot more.... such a bummer when i wake up!!

    Big hugs and kisses to all of the family;
    the real family, the musicians family and the fan family, we will always remember and love him!!

  4. 'Corrupting more people into listening to his music'...no better way to put, though Pete's music is far from corrupt. Thanks again Darcie, good tidings to you and the entire Ratajczyk family! (-)

  5. Beautiful...Peter will never be forgotten!! Much love to you all <3

  6. corruption is always in full effect here,i pass along his music whenever i can,even giving away my copies of likm and wcd,to a couple friends that listened and really liked those 2 cd's (i will obtain them both again soon)! i want to express my deepest love and sympathy to you all.god bless and thank you for sharing peters life with us. (-) -eRIK-

  7. Two years later and it still seems like just yesterday. Thank you, Ratajczyk family, for continuing to share your memories of Peter with us. Never to be forgotten!

    As always--

    Much Love & Gratitude to you all--Patty P

  8. Karla's picture was so heart touching N beautiful. Peter will never be forgotten.... N we love his family just as much <3

    Amy Wigle

  9. 2 years without him... He's gone, but never forgotten.

  10. Its so hard to believe its been 2 years now. Peter will always be in my heart and soul. Theres no way he will ever be forgotten by so many of us. He is now immortal in every way. Much love to you dear girls of the Ratajczyk family. I love you and thank you so much. :)

  11. He will live in my heart forever. I never got to go to a show or meet him, but I feel his presence around me. You needn't ever worry about him being forgotten--he is imprinted on our very souls. Mine, included.Love to your family from me.

  12. Beautiful thoughts from Peter's family and a lovely poem that really captures how I feel this spring. Miss you Peter---Jessica D.

  13. Beautiful pic!!! I always wanted to meet Pete, but sadly I never got the chance.

  14. Not a day goes by when I don't think of and miss Peter terribly. Sometimes I think I'm a little crazy that I could miss someone that I never knew this much . . I have a picture of him on the wall in one of my rooms and every time I pass it, i think of him. I really can't believe he's been gone 2 years! When I think of all the happiness, laughter, and joy his words, music, and presence at live shows brought to me . .I can't help but smile, as the tears run down my face. Green Man: we miss you!

    1. Rose from NY now in CA11:34 PM, June 11, 2012

      I to have the same feelings as you. I too have 2 picture frames in my bedroom with various pictures of Peter Steele. I think of him daily as well. I was honored by being able to talk with his sister Cathy a year or so ago, before I ordered 2 Memorial T shirts. I wear them proudly. Never going to forget him even though I never met him. From this site his family has generously shared their stories, we feel like we knew him intimately. He was the same as you and me, a regular person with compassion a plenty, that smile, that laugh. He was every man. That's why we can relate to him so much. He's up there in heaven now with all the greats. I can see him on a bench just smiling and sharing with John Lennon, George Harrison, Dimebag, Layne, Kurt Cobain so many who left us way too soon. Boy did they leave us with so much music and memories. So MIke you are not alone my friend. WE all feel it, the sadness and the appreciation all together. Pass along the love to those you love pass along what Peter was about...LOVE!!!

  15. :( I am so lucky I was able to see him perform a few years back when I was living in Vegas. I wormed my way to the front. He had a crazy mustache and sang beautifully

  16. i love Karla's picture she made. it made me cry when i first saw it and several times after.

    i, just like everyone else, miss pete. i will miss his music and his silly faced pictures! but most of all i will miss his existance on our realm. but i know hes still here. hes all around us. my son and i are releasing balloons. 3 green 3 black and my son will do the red one.

    just like everyone else here, i love and truly respect that man with all of my heart. like mike, i have pictures of pete in my rooms and in my car even. hes always with me, if only in my mind!! but he will forever be in my thoughts and heart.

    love you to death pete...and beyond. thanks for everything. "see" you around.

  17. Thank you and the family Darcie. Thanks you for sharing him with us and yourselves with those of us who have become your friends and family. I LOVE YOU ALL.

    Dianna Lane
    Phoenix, AZ (Facebook)

  18. Miss the Big Guy. Love the music, it never gets tired. Thanks for sharing your blog with us.

    Allison Z

  19. 'Do you feel him nearby?' Yes, I'm nowhere near NYC, but yes, there are times...
    When I'm inspired to create, to play music, to explore new scientific information, sometimes just as I drop off to sleep, yes, it still does feel like he's near.

    Thank you Darcie, Cathy and Marie for sharing not only your memories with us but yourselves.

  20. All of the Art inspired by Peter are truly amazing. Pictures, paintings, dolls, poems, new music - whatever forum or kind of art you choose to see that are inspired by him and his life is so beautiful.

    Thank you Darcie, Cathy and Marie for sharing your memories, feelings and showing us your amazing souls. I love all of you and my thoughts go out to you in your loss.

    Lots of hugs and with love,

    Alexandra Johansson

  21. I would like to thank you for sharing so much of your family and Pete stories with us.I had the pleasure of seeing type O many times live.I will never forget the October Rust show in Boston when they threw toilet paper out into the audience,not something I would have expected,but loved the humor of it.I keep Type O music on hand at all times, helps me through the down parts of my life and makes the up parts that much more enjoyable.I think the thing I like most about Pete is he was real.Approchable.He actually interacted with his fans. Some of the best memories I have are those of my type o shows and I will forever be grateful to Pete and Type O Negative for that.

  22. Karla-this picture you created is so beautiful. SratchNSniff - love the poem. Darcie - thx for sharing them here. Mare - I love the idea with the ballons. Hard to find words that have not been already posted here but I echo Dunebuggy's feelings - living so far away from NYC but feeling Peter's presence in so many ways which I find truly amazing. Dear family Ratajzcyk - thank you for sharing so much of yourselves with us. You & Pete are on my mind daily & my heart goes out to you.
    Much love & respect

  23. ...and I forgot to add: I love to corrupt more and more people to listen to Pete's music :-)

  24. LOVE this picture by Karla...gives me shivers everytime I look at it. Truly beautiful! Thanks for your lovely poem Angie. In Australia April is one of our Autumn months, my little tree I have planted for Peter has lost all of its leaves (it looks like a stick!) but it is growing strong and beautiful. I too am corrupting "the young" with Peters music...my problem is it's not only Type O Negative, I listen to as much Carnivore...sometimes the lyrics take some explaining :) Which starts some very interesting conversations!! Love to you all.

  25. Peter's music is timeless just like his soul.

  26. I stumbled upoun this blog while doing a search and I think I may be in the right place to have this question answered. My friend and I are trying to find out about this song that is called the Whisper song from witchblade, and Peter Steele is notated as the person singing.

    The lyrics are from what we hear:

    You're not alone
    As I kneel down
    outside the frozen window
    and watch.
    I devour your mind
    memorizing the prints
    that calculate
    the right way
    I shall deliver the purple pain
    that abades
    I enter your body
    It's my job.
    That's my life.
    You'll be begging me with quivering lips,
    but nothing, nothing can stop me

    anyone know anything about this song if so please let us know any information about it if it is even Peter Steele thanks

  27. Rose R from NY now in CA12:45 AM, June 07, 2012

    words alone cannot express the feelings I have right now.
    Seeing this picture of Peter's spirit walking on a bridge I remember as a child in NY. What a moving picture. You have moved me to tears. Peter's spirit lives on and on. We were so lucky to have you and will never forget you. Peace to you in Heaven Sweet Peter.

  28. My heart is with you and the band. Peter, please, just come back. I still need to meet you because I never got to meet you in person. Your voice has been with me for so many years. You done good, Peter. You done good.

  29. Rose R from NY now in CA6:03 PM, June 27, 2012

    I still get chills when I read these posts and see pictures of Peter Steele. What a man, what a legend. Music from the Gods. Thank you for sharing these thoughts.

  30. yo deseo que peter este bien donde quiera que este.

  31. Por q Pete por q

  32. Thank you Ratajczyk Family for sharing your lives and memories of Peter with all of us fans. Peters music and that amazing voice of his have helped me battle my own addiction and beat it. Deal with the death of my bi-polor drug addicted husband, And the daily struggles of raising three sons on my own. When i get down all i have to do is put in one of his cds, put on my headphones and turn it up nice and loud. By half way through the cd i am happy, smiling and dancing around the house with my 6 year old. Peter will never know what his music has done for me and how it has changed my life. Without him i would probably never had made it through everything. I still listen to bloody kisses every night to relax me enough to fall asleep. I will always love and miss him, I think of him every day. I can only imagine how hard it is for the family and friends who really knew him. My thoughts and prayers our with all of you. Thank you again for sharing him with us. With all my love, Lesa

  33. You are missed. Rest In Peace Peter Steele. Warm thoughts to family, friends and fans.