TON Covered Britney? Say It Isn't So ...

From Carrie Schwarz ~CreepyGreenGirl13
Much love, adoration, and respect
Thank you so much to the Ratajczyk family for sharing all your memories of Peter, and for taking the time to listen to us fans. You are so wonderful to us, and we are forever grateful!

It was at a Horror Convention in New Jersey back in August of 1998. I bought a ticket for a meet and greet with Peter, which included a black and white photo for him to sign. I waited nervously in line for which seemed like an eternity. Next thing I know, Peter is gone and the people who were still in line were dispersing. There was a security guard nearby so I asked him if Peter was coming back (thinking maybe he was taking a break). The security guard replied that he didn’t think so and that he thought Peter was leaving. I told the security guard that I had paid for a meet and greet and wondered if I could get my money back. He says hang on a minute and walks away & goes behind a gate and curtains.

I'm thinking ok, he is going to ask someone if I can get a refund? He comes back out and says, come with me. I'm thinking wow, maybe I shouldn’t have said anything, its not a huge deal if I don’t get a refund. Next thing I know there stands Peter... I was in AWE. I remember we exchanged Hello's and hugs. I felt bad and didn’t want to take up his time. I had taken my October Rust cd for him to sign, but I didn’t ask him to sign it or the photo I had bought because I didn’t want to be a pain in the ass!

But I quickly told him what a musical genius he was, and what a masterpiece October Rust was and how much the band and the music meant to me. When I was telling him this, I remember feeling like he was really listening to me. He was so humble and sweet and thanked me. What I said to him seemed to mean a lot to him. I will never forget this day as long as I live.

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This gorgeous artwork was done by ANGELA



Thank you Angela for allowing us to share your work with the world

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 Ha ha ... someone is claiming this is TON.
Personally, I can't imagine Peter would do anything this boring .... Thoughts? 


  1. The Britney cover is a very old fake that's been floating around for years. How it fools anyone is beyond me. Absolutely, 100%, not TON.

    So obviously fake, that I wouldn't even bother typing how bad a fake it is normally for this blog, but you had said you'd tell the author who originally posted the vid in question, that we'd say something, right? ;)
    Also, if i remember correctly it was mentioned as a known fake on the typeonegative.net forums quite a while ago.

    The artwork above however, from Angela, is very cool indeed. Very nice work. I'm partial to the one with green in it myself. :)

  2. What a precious memory for you to have always. You were very lucky on that day. I bet you went home so happy you spoke to the security guard...you could of walked away saying nothing and never meet Peter.
    I like the bottom one, the orange one.
    Thanks Carrie

  3. That Spears cover is STOOPID!!! I remember hearing bout this 5 or 6 years ago. I heard though it was a guy impersonating Peter doing Britney Spears, umm don't think I worded that right, lol! Regardless I would love to have that for my ringtone, it's too damn funny!! P.S. I think the top picture is better, gonna set it as my screen saver, thank you once again to this AWESOME family! (-)

  4. That artwork is exceptionally beautiful! What a touching tribute to the Green Man. I myself love autumn as many of us too, it is a beautiful time of year; when summer is ending and before the cold and bleakness of dark winter sets in. Mother nature shows us her colors and smells; the feeling is certaintly conveyed to us in many of Peter's lyrics: Green Man, Haunted, Creepy Green Light. As far as the song goes---that certainly is NOT Type O Negative or Pete singing at all! I would recognize Peter's voice and the Type O sound anywhere; it is that unique. This crap version of a stupid song is either just an auto-tuned slowed down version of the original or a bunch of poseurs attempting to replicate Type O Negative--badly I might add. I have loved every Type O cover I've ever heard; sometimes more than the original. My favorite, I think, is Pictures of Matchstick Men with Ozzy singing, however, Peter and the boys' signature "OOH" and "AAHH" are in the background. The bass and guitar are haunting and melodic . . .

  5. The video says it is simply a tribute by the RipperMetalGod; but to promote the tribute, they should not be using the "Dead Again" title, nor Peter Steele's artwork on the cover.

    I suggest posting a link to "Angel" to see What the readers think of that ... the lead vocals do sound like Peter, and even the album cover looks like a TON design.

  6. What a great story & the artwork is beautiful!


  7. Okay, it sounds wayyyyy too much like the original song vocally, I think it's Britney but they just used something to lower the voice. Peter never did runs like that in his music, and the pronunciation isn't like him either. And he probably would have creeped it out a lot more lol. Interesting, but fake lol.

  8. Angela gorgeous artwork!!! Thank you for sharing. You are a lucky girl Carrie to have met Peter. I saw them many times but never did. :( As far as the Britny cover, It sounds like him somewhat BUT where is the Brooklynese?? Even if he raised his voice a couple of octaves I think you would still hear some of that beautiful Brooklyn brogue. So I have to say No! Peace.

  9. Carrie you are such a lucky person. You have that memory to cherish forever. Angela absolutly love the artwork. As for the Spears cover...I listen to TON for about 8 hours a day at work. There is no way that is Peter and the guys. In fact he isn't even that close in his voice. I have heard a few that are close, but this one.. no way.

    Dianna Lane
    Phoenix, AZ

  10. Wow, that is seriously one of the best artworks I've seen. I love the green & orange one better. Really amazing, congrats Angela!!
    Thank you for sharing that incredible experience Carrie. Worth treasuring it!!
    NO WAY it's Type O covering Britney. I agree with crimghost: I don't understand how can anybody actually think it's them!

  11. Thank you so much for sharing my story Darcie!

    As for the artwork.. this is the most Beautiful piece I have seen yet.. I could stare at it all day.. I wonder if Angela would think of putting her artwork on to a shirt one day? I would buy it for sure!

    And the song.. I believe that this is Britney's song slowed down to a speed to make it sound like Peter.. its definitely a fake!

  12. Hi all--

    @ Carrie--Thanks for sharing your memories. Special indeed! :)
    @ Angela--Great artwork. (I'm jealous!) I too am partial to the one with the green, as it is one of my favorite colors (along with blue, but to the green side). I also love Autumn, and I am counting the days...61 to go! But really, both are great. Thanks for sharing.
    To all who are suffering through this heatwave, stay safe and cool.
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  13. Love the artwork. Really makes me want to draw Peter, though I'm afraid I'd do a horrid job. Hmm.

  14. Rosemarie from NY2:57 PM, July 23, 2011

    I'm getting emotional again reading these stories about how much of an amazing man Peter was. He was not the typical rock star (and I know TON was in a class of their own, you cannot label them rock, metal, goth) Peter was a gentle man, a family man, a genius, a mentor, a giant in so many ways. His gift to us was everything he had. And what he left behind is valuable beyond money, you cannot put a pricetag on that kind of talent. That's why we all feel so deeply this loss. Some people in life bring our lives into a new dimension, they help us thru life's struggles, they take us away to another world. Peter you did that for us. What you did for us will never be forgotten. I have my memorial wall going in my room at home for you, I light those candles every day in your honor and for the memory of all the dearly departed. Carrie your story is just another testament to a man who we should all model ourselves after as far as how to be a human being. The treatment of others, the recognition of brotherhood. OH boy I'm in tears again. happens a lot now. I miss you Peter STeele. Just purchased Dead Again because I wore out last one. ANd you know the rating on that one as in all your TON CDS 5 Stars!!! HIghest rating. Because you were the best, the top, the cream of the crop. We miss you, we valued you. We will never forget you. Thank you.

  15. Peter was a genius as an artist but more than that he was just a "real" guy. I love reading all the stories and can only imagine sometimes how much your family misses him. I didn't know him as well as some others but all this reinforces what I knew and felt about him. I can see him with that silly smirk on his face if he could read all we write. Sad how the true geniuses of this world are never with us long...Mozart, Van Gogh, Oscar Wilde, and I do include Peter as well because through his music he created music as a great artist would use canvas and it touched us deeply, and still does.
    I love the artwork, both are gorgeous but my favorite is the second and I'm using it as my new desktop background, lol.
    Never more Negative...

  16. @ Angela...also...ditto what Carrie said about putting this piece of art on a t-shirt. I have to admit, I'm not sure exactly what the entire process involves, but I wonder if some of the intensity in color would be lost? I try not to make it a habit of telling others what to do, but I think you should consider putting this on a t-shirt. It's too gorgeous not to share.
    Being the techie that I'm not--how do I set this as my screensaver??

    Also, while we're on the subject of t-shirts--Darcie, is there any way you can give us an update as to the availability of the Peter memorial t-shirt? I got an email saying I was added to the list, but haven't heard anything since then.
    Thanks for everything--Patty P

  17. Thanks so much Darcie, for honouring my pics by posting them here! And thanks to everyone for your lovely comments <3
    It means a great deal to read your feedback - it's sweet that it's thought good enough for screen-savers and t-shirts, wow I'm really pleased with the results, I'm gonna make the first one into a poster, as autumn is my fave season too, and the colours ended up so vibrant.
    The the tree pic I used is somewhere in Prospect Park, I wanted to make that special to go with Peter's quote.

    Carrie, such a potential disappointment, turned so sweet by Peter's loyalty and kindness, loved reading how it turned out for you :D

    The Britype O thing, so funny, guess running it speeded up through a music prog may reveal all. Peter would surely find it hilarious

    Love and respect, as always <3


  18. Btw, please Carrie do try some art! I'm a great believer in doing art as therapy, pleasure, and not just for the end result.
    I urge anyone who feels unsure of their artistic skills to give it a go with something simple to begin with, just enjoy use of shape and colour, no pressure towards trying to get things "perfect". Try to do a little here and there, keep it fresh and enjoyable, rather than looking as it progresses and doubting where it is going. It saddens me that people leave school feeling they lack artistic talent, and so never attempt to do much thereafter. Please give it a try, hopefully you will at least enjoy the moment, brush off any cobwebs, and gain more confidence. I love seeing others' work, all have their merits because a part of that person is released to the world.

    Sorry for being somewhat off-topic, Darcie


  19. Beautiful artwork. I think I like the mainly orange one better. BOTH BEAUTIFUL THOUGH. :)

  20. I think that artwork is great...

  21. The artwork is awsome!!Ilove both versions, the all orange could be used in the fall ,for the song i think it is fake,doesnt sound anything at all like Peter.I agree they would make an awsome t shirt. I had a chance meeting with peter once in boston,in 1999, I did get his autograph he just came off the bus and started taking pictures and signing autographs for the fans.i was in such awe of him him I just kind of looked way up at him, as i am only 5'4" tall and said hi, happy halloween.that autograph is one of my most cherished possesions,I put it on a type o october rust picture, and had the entire thing laminated it is framed, in my room.I was also taken back by how real Peter was,there was just something about the way he interacted with the fans,he made me feel special if just for a moment.thanks to the family for all you are doing for us fans.we really appreciate it.

  22. Great story ....Thank you for posting :)

  23. I remember the first time I listened to that Brittany-"ton" song. I about flipped a lid!! Oh I was on myspace then and once I heard it i went on a rant as a lot of friends were thinking it was actually Peter singing...REALLY? I just laughed and told them there is no way in hellllllllll that is type o negative. I actually was so put off by the song and whomever claimed it to be type o negative had a screw loose...or two. I as a fan just couldnt get over the face that someone was claiming it to be done by Pete and the guys. AS IF!!!!!!


    As for tshirts, i have had a few made with my own works. I sent one to my friend Robin which was my one year anniversary on Pete's passing. But I only wear them in the fall and winter as they are made with a heavy material and are all black. I get a lot of comments on them and I find it cool when someone recognizes Pete. Then its all a long discussion about his passing. Even my guy who fixed my computer for me knew of type o negative but hadnt heard about Pete. I truly dont like to be the one to tell anyone that news. He only found out that i was into them by my backdrop picture on my computer of Pete!!!

    Carrie, I do envy you girl. Love you much. xoxoxo

  24. oh my word! Carrie, what an amazing story, thanks so much for sharing. As for Angela, your artwork is stunning thanks. I share your belief in the therapeutic and healing power of art, although my feeble attempts (at writing) never yielded anything as amazing as this piece you were so kind to share with us. negative love to all.

  25. I definitely like the green and orange picture a lot more.
    Anyone who thinks that's Type O Negative covering Brittney Spears needs of have their ears checked.