Don't Listen To Track # 3

The best part of being a family member or a gf of a musician, is from time to time you get mentioned on albums/cds or you get songs written to  you.  In my younger days, my musician bfs would write beautiful love songs about me (which I treasure). As Peter Steele's neice, I've been thanked from a stage, in artwork and on their cd.

But imagine Pete's father's reaction when he and Nettie were thanked for the Carnivore album:

I think we need to remind you that while Peter's dad was proud of him, he didn't understand the music. He came from a world (30s, 40s, 50s) where music illustrated the loves and your life. He didn't quite get "Jesus Hitler" or "Thermonuclear Warrior." So when Peter came in to show his parents his album (I was sitting in the kitchen) Peter Sr. looked at the cover, admired the drawing and turned it over to see his  special thank you. He smiled at Peter and opened the record to see the song list and asked, " Is this what I've been listening to for the last year."

Nettie, who favored anything her son did, was looking at the album, offering congrats, praise and hugs. Until Pete Sr. started reading off the song titles ... "Angry Neurotic Catholics," "Race War," "Predator," ... He wouldn't even utter "S.M.D." but he did look like he wanted to kill his son. I remember both of Peter's parents telling Pete he was going to go to jail for writing such filthy words and that people were going to think he was a bad person.

I know I was told to leave the room at some point, but Peter just smiled hugely. Told his parents that it was his creative expression and to not worry about anything. While he stormed out of the house, he threw me a copy of the album and said, " Here you go. You should probably listen to it when your mom isn't around. And don't listen to track #3.



  1. It makes life easier when the people you love are accepting of what you do but I have heard Peter say " If your parents like your music..something is wrong". I agree but I think that has changed a bit nowdays. As we have mentioned in previous blogs people do take lyrics the wrong way and they should hold their judgement until they know what the lyrics actually mean. I love Carnivore and their songs always make me laugh. I listen to them as much as Type O Negative. Did Peter Sr only read the song titles? I hope he didnt read the lyrics, that would have sent him over the egde. Just my opinion but I think Peter (being clean and sober) was getting some of his real pure energy back (I dont really know what word to use), Dead Again had a lot more "fire" in it than previous albums and I was looking forward to hearing his next lot of writing. I think it would have been even heavier and more powerful. Just my opinion.

  2. Oh man, this gave me the belly laugh I needed this morning. I just love Peters reactions to his familys reactions, and tellng Marie not to listen to track 3, so funny. Thanks for sharing this one.
    I just noticed the anti-drug slogan on the back right corner. Irony...wish Peter listened

  3. Loved the fact that Nettie really supported her baby in everything he did. It means so much when your parents are supportive and proud of what you do, no matter how unusual it might be. :)

  4. I guess, the first track that you played was Track # 3. HA HA!
    Now, you are old enough to play it.

  5. Thank you! Laughed and loved it! Peace.

  6. Kia ora my name is Mel.
    I love Type O Negative.
    The music they make has helped me through some really fucking rough times. I woke up every day screaming to white slavery but i still went to work anyway.
    My life has changed now.
    But I still love Type O Fucking Negative!

  7. Awesome story ...Thank you for sharing :)

  8. I'm sure his saying not to listen to track #3 made you most curious about that track! I know exactly what I would have and most young people would do...Check those out FIRST!!! LOL

  9. The Guy was a bomb.. I ever dreamed of seeing TON live, but it never happend. At least I was able to see my Idol in Saarb├╝cken in Germany 2007 with Carnivore... It was awesome and he was very powerful on stage :)



  11. lol..the things we did to our parents when we were young.
    another good Peter story. I still cant believe hes gone..sighh such a special man he was..ya all should make a book or a documentary on his life and your lifes around him. all your funny stories would have alot so giggling. I know I would be..lol.
    anyways everybody take care and stay safe.
    till the next blog..lol..I sound like narrater for the old Batman shows...till the next episode..lol.

  12. Rosemarie from NY2:56 PM, July 16, 2011

    Petrus was so hands on and let me tell you if I saw these guys posing on this rock somewhere in my eye shot...I'd be all over that. It's like all the fantasies you have about dark, good looking, dangerous men (I mean that in a good way) well here they are. Your fantasy come true. That masculine no holes barred music, in your face, no apologies, throbbing, heart pounding metal played to perfection, Carnivore, TON. All out of childhood friends in Brooklyn getting together and changing the world. I loved it. I'm a metalhead myself. So thank you again Petrus for creating this music for us to enjoy now and for eternity. WE will never ever forget you. WE miss you beyond eternity.

    Hold on to what is good even if it is a handful of dirt.
    Hold on to what you believe even if it is a tree which stands by itself.
    Hold on to what you must do even if it is a long way from here.
    Hold on to life even when it is easier letting go.
    Hold on to my hand even when I have gone away from you.

    Let's all hold onto his hand. Petrus we will never let you go. Peace and Love.