Memories of Those Who Serve

A Big Thank You to Mary Wolfe
For Allowing Me to Post This Georgeous Artwork
In Honor of Americans

Hope you all are enjoying the holiday with your loved ones. In our family, we are proud to be Americans -- a country made up of numerous nationalities -- but that's what makes our country special.

Thank you to all the servicemen AROUND THE WORLD who are away from their families today.
OUR freedom depends on your actions

Autograph session in Babylon NY:


  1. Happy 4th of july Ratajczyk family,
    another gorgious photo!

    greetz from the netherlands!

  2. happy 4th of july to the Ratajczyk clan and all the Americans friends here.

  3. Peter was a loyal to the things he loved and what a perfect example of an American he was. I want one!!
    Hope you all had a fun day

  4. Beautiful photo! Happy 4th! Love to all of you :)

  5. Happy Independence Day to the Ratajczyk Family, hope you all have a blessed day :) N thank you Mare for the beautiful pic :)

    Amy Wigle

  6. "Janeane, I will see you in my dreams." *TONGUE* That cracked me up! Oh man Peter. How I regret not seeing ToN. Great stuff as always though. Thank you and Happy 4th of July to you all. God bless. :)

  7. I have to say that I am quite honored to have you use a piece of my "art" for your blog today. You are very welcome. The picture of Pete was taken at Duff's and Pete is wearing Jimmy's hat here.

    Happy Independence Day to the Ratajczyk family and to all of my Negative Brothers & Sisters.

    Let Freedom Ring.

    Much love & respect as always.

  8. Deborah Fischer5:55 PM, July 04, 2011

    Happy 4th of July to the whole family !

  9. Happy 4th to the family. Hope you guys had a fun day. And thanks again to Mary for her creativity!! Peace and love.

  10. What a beautiful picture – thank you for sharing.
    Hope you all had a great 4th July & celebrations with your family and friends.
    Much love & respect

  11. Very nice... Thank you for sharing and thank you mary for the wonderful picture.

  12. this picture is my screensaver for the week. So many of Peter's pictures on this website are. there are so many. Thank you so much for sharing. We miss Peter/ He was an American who cared. We were proud of him, his fans.

  13. I looked at this picture of you for July 4th and started to cry. I see you there living and now you're not. At least not physically, you will live in our hearts Peter. We miss you terribly. It's because I miss my loved ones who have passed on too, I share that with your family. Peace to you in Heaven. You are amazing.

  14. Rosemarie from NY1:51 PM, July 09, 2011

    Peter was a south paw...never realized that until now. Seeing him play like he did, signing autographs on youtube at Looney Tunes in Brooklyn...I would have loved to be there. Peter we miss you so much.

  15. Rosemarie from NY2:06 PM, July 09, 2011

    I'd like to make one comment about Peter's bandmates. Remember they lost their brother. I know how that feels. My son lost his best friend almost 4 yrs ago. David we miss you every day. Kenny, Josh, Johnny I understand what you're going thru. Even a year later, it still stings. You're all going on w/your lives I know that. One a paramedic now, other guys still playing music I believe. Life goes on. But we have not forgotten you guys. You made music with a genius, you were all amazing together and you miss him too. Our hearts are w/you too guys. TON will go down in history as one of the best bands who played music to perfection. You are all in my prayers too gentlemen. Thank you for being a band, for leaving us with so much amazing music. Stay strong. He is not far away. God has him now but he is not far. Just close your eyes. I know Peter towards end of his life I read he was hoping there would be an afterlife, he wanted to see his mom and dad and relatives. He is with them now I know that. Peace and Love eternally