Peter's Spoiled Children

Many of you have asked about an update on Peter's surviving children, his cats - OJ, Weena, Sexy and Nixon. At the moment, they are enjoying their life in a sprawling ranch house with a sunroom in NJ with Peter's sister, Pam.

Weena in Peter's Kitchen

Not counting Peter's childhood cat, Venus, he was father to Grizzelda (Grizzy), Sexy, Sharpton, Weena, OJ, Tito and Nizon. Peter's cats were usually children of other family cats, or rescued kittens that he found on the street starving with no mother cat around. It's a family trait to love animals and care for them like children. Grizzy and Sharpton died several years ago and were taken care of by Pete's neice Marie and the vet she worked with, Dr. Montello (in Marine Park).

The day Peter died, ironically, his cat Tito died that morning. Peter loved all his children, but had a special connection to Tito. You can imagine our trauma when we found out that Tito died in the AM and Peter died in the PM. Weird connection ... I don't know.

The day following Peter's death, his sister, Cathy, myself, Marie and Nancy went to his apt to collect his cats. They were hiding on an upper top shelf in the livingroom closet. Since Marie was a vet tech, she had equipment to trap the cats. Because they were traumatized and hungry, it took Marie and Cathy 3 hours to  grab them and get them into safety -- with Marie covered in cat scratches -- a small price to pay. Peter's sister, Pam graciously adopted Peter's cats and we buried Tito's remains.

RIP Tito

Many of Peter's friends and ex-gfs asked to adopt Peter's cats, but since they are the only children Peter has, we wanted to keep them in our family. Between vet care, food, upkeep, and litter, they have become expensive kiddies, but it's a labor of love from his sister.


  1. Condolences regarding Tito. He looks very sweet. That is a strange coincidence. Marie must be a very patient soul. Involuntary cat removal is painful and tricky!
    It's great that Pete's four surviving children, err... cats have had the good fortune to stay together as a family in the caring home of their cat-dad's sister, Pam. Cats can be expensive, but they're such graceful, affectionate creatures, it's difficult to resist them. They must miss their gentle, generous cat-dad a lot, and likely think he's on an awefully long tour this time, but I'm sure they love their new home.

    1. They left together!

    2. That's good to hear, I was actually wondering about the cats! I thought I was some weirdo for wondering about them but I never realized how much he loved them! I have 12 cats, I love them all and would totally have taken all of them in if no one else wanted them I LOVE CATS!!!! THEY ARE THE SHIT!!!!

    3. Nothing is sexier than a dude that looks like he would not love animals but you get to his house and he has a couple cats!

  2. God bless Peter, his people family, and feline family. I'm sure the cats are well-loved and taken care of, and I think it's the right thing, that the kitties are with Peter's sister, Pam. That is very sad that Tito passed the same day as Peter, I am sure it was not easy for the family to be going through all of that at once. How old are the cats now, if I might ask? Weena must be getting up there in age(?) Hope they are all in good health. ~ L.

  3. So glad the kitties have found a happy home. That is very strange that Tito passed the same day. Touching story, thank you!

  4. awwwwwww so sad...Tito wanted to take daddy with him? maybe they both had the same illness? either way its still very devastingly sad..wish I could turn back time so somebody could have saved them both. god bless you for taking care of his remaining kids..love them as much as ya can... I know they are missing Peter alot too along with the rest of us I mourn now for them too,..poor babies. if ya need any help just let us know..think us cat lovers would be glad to help. and keep us updated on how their doing.
    can I ask a personal question so I and others can understand it a bit more on Peters passing? I know its a private family matter thing but I and Im sure alot more of us are wondering what exactly happend to Peter to cause him to pass away? maybe its something you can help others with to avoid them passing. theres this show called the doctors and they talk about all kinds of health issues and maybe for Peters sake you all can give the heads up on what caused his death and ways to prevent other families from having to go through what you all have been going through.
    think Peter might have liked that,and maybe create a Peter Steele foundation to help others in need or for whatever Peter would have loved to help with. just another thought.
    anyways thanks for letting us know that Petes kids are ok and getting taken care of. I know Id so be holding them as much as they'd allow me to, to feel closer to Peter. but thats just me.I also had a cat that I had a bond with..I was there when he was born.I named him Motley after Motley Crue in which I was into at the time but he looked a bit like Tito..had sort of the same markings.and he had green eyes in which I love..loved Peters green eyes too. when I moved out I couldnt take him with me so my mom was taking care of him for me and whenever Id visit he'd be right there waiting for me like he knew I was coming. Id pick him up and he'd rub his face against mine and every now and then would kiss my chin or cheek and just be purring and purring. he was my baby and like Tito was found dead..dont know what happend but one of my family found him and when my mom called and told me my life fell apart and I have never been the same since.its been years but I still mourn his loss. and like others still are mourning Peters loss too. he was a great guy and still wish I could have met him.your stories help me in that but still wish I could have known him like you all did.sounds like you all had a great family with good special times...very treasurable special moments to never be forgotten.
    anyways you all take care and stay safe over there..I and others will be thinking of you and Peters kids.

  5. That story made me cry. That's one of the wonderful things about 'The Family'. Their love of animals. Bless you all!

  6. That is very sad about Tito passing the same day as Peter. Perhaps it was because Tito knew what was to come and didn't want to be here without his much loved friend. Thank goodness they were able to be caught and are now cared for by Pam. I'm sure he appreciates her care of his childern! Peace.

  7. This is sweet and sad story. I'm happy to hear that peter's other kitties are loved and well cared for and are with your family where they belong. It's really sad to hear about tito departing this world the same day peter did and as an animal/cat lover this story hit me hard emotionally. Thank you for sharing. :)

  8. I made a donation in Pete's memory to an animal rescue group in New York soon after his passing..seemed the right thing to do. I was concerned for his fur-butts as well..thank you so much for the update! Sue

  9. I love a man who loves animals and I think one of the most important things we can do as humans is to be involved in animal welfare in one way or another. Animals deserve as much love and respect as humans do and I believe Peter understood that. I remember on the After Dark dvd he talked about the cat that was rented for the Love You To Death video and Peter told them to put the cat away because it was scared and he thought it was cruel. When I heard that I knew he was the perfect man.I have 4 cats Jett, Grizzelda, Nikola and Venus (3 named after Peters). So glad the cats have a good home with family. I bet Tito was waiting for Peter when the time came, and now he is with them all again. Peter mentions his kids, one being Nikola Nicholas McNixon on the Life is Killing Me cd is that Nizon? Thanks for the cat stories..love them. PEOPLE DE-SEX YOUR ANIMALS

  10. Makes me wonder if there was any connection between the two deaths.Don't even know if they died at the same location.Remember searching the internet for months trying to find out exactly what happened to Pete.Still searching in my heart.

  11. Hi Darcie/Pam--

    The more I read about Peter the more I find we have in common, in many ways. It doesn't surprise me that Peter was such a cat/animal lover, or that he'd take a stray off the street. I have 9 cats, and they're all taken off the street. At various times (over the last 25 or so years) I've 'worked' with different local groups to help get homeless cats off the street. And it's not the animals' fault--it's totally a result of human ignorance. We need more people like Peter. Some people think it's 'not a guy thing' to be so kind to animals.
    It is a human thing, though, and Peter knew that.
    It also doesn't surprise me that Tito passed on the same day as Peter. Animals often sense things that we can't/don't, and I think Tito knew something wasn't right.
    At least the rest of his furry, four-footed kids are safe and doing well. :) It was nice (as always) to see the photos. Condolences regarding Tito; he looked quite handsome. Thanks
    for the update.
    Love & Gratitude--Patty P

  12. :( I've always believed cats are a person's "familiar" if they are loved and taken care of the way Peter obviously loved his cats. They are very spiritual beings. It is strange, but also very fitting seeing as how Tito was extra special to Peter, that they died on the same day...that connection thing. Glad to hear the other cats are well and still with the family, where they should be.

  13. Peter and I talked once about loving animals more than people...they were well loved very lucky kitties.

  14. I had heard that Tito had passed on the same day as Pete (R.I.P. Tito) :( I agree with what Ink for Blood said about cats being a person's "familiar" its true. Very touching story, made me cry but also made me happy to know that you took the other furrbabies in, they deserved to stay in the family :)Much love N Respect

    Amy Wigle

  15. Thanks for the update on the babies. We have 7 of our own and they freak out if we're gone for a few hours longer than usual. It's really good that the family was able to keep the cats together. Losing thier dad is traumatic enough. They need eachother. I'm really very happy they are with Peter's family. That's where they belong. Poor Tito :( I know he's with Peter.

  16. What a strange situation with Peter passing right after Tito! Peter's love for his cats was strong. I often wondered if when he shaved his eyebrows for a period if it was because of the death of one of his cats. This was a typical way to mourn their loss in ancient Egypt where cats were worshiped. I also agree that cats are peoples familiars. My two black ones have been with me since my high school days. They are part of my family and get the best care in the world. Peter was such a blessed soul to love his animal like the rest of his family. I am sure he smiling down on Marie and Cathy for catching them and Pam for keeping them in the family. I myself have rescued, trapped, and fostered many cats. It is so cool to learn just how much Peter loved his cats since I am such a fan and a cat lover. It really is nice to know his cats went to a good home in the family because when I heard he passed this was one of the first things I wondered about. Peter must really be resting in Peace knowing his little furry family is so well taken care of. It is like a part of him going on as well as musical creations. Thank to to the Ratajczyks for being so loving with Peter's cats (and being animal lovers) and sharing with his fans.---Jessica (Black Number 1)
    p.s I also loved the names he chose for his furry familiars! Too cool!!!

  17. Awww... That is so odd about Tito! But it is good to know they had a friend to make the journey with. Thank you for sharing. As a slave to the felines in my life, I know how it can be.
    ~ Synn

  18. It makes me happy, that his "children" are in his sisters hands. And still belongs to his family.

  19. Rosemarie from NY1:37 PM, July 15, 2011

    Thank you so much for posting this story of the kitty's Peter had. Very sad about Tito. I have 2 cats myself I know how much you can love a cat...i love mine. they are sisters. The story is so moving, that you family for adopting these babies. Don't be surprised if Peter's spirt comes thru them. Yesterday we all met at my son's best friend David's grave to remember him. He passed 4 yrs ago..he was only 24. I brought some beautiful butterflies I bought from Michael's Crafts on wire sticks. Some of us including his sister Lauren placed one tied around a tree branch that sits next to David's grave. They remind us of him. He gave me my 2 cats and one of them took on his spirt after he passed. She used to be very unfriendly, the day David passed away she became a different kitty. Very friendly to me, especially when we're thinking of David and getting sad, she comes and sits w/you and purrs and makes you feel ok. Peter's kitty's may do that too. They feel his loss too. Thank you for sharing your story w/us. We love you all and we will never forget your brother. he was a dear man.

  20. Deborah Fischer2:04 PM, July 21, 2011

    thank you for posting this story. i'm glad the cats have found a great home. i have lived with cats all my life and i know how much of a connection you can have with them

  21. This is a real tough story to read. I know Peter and Tito are in a better place. I had a lot in common with him. Take good care of his babies. I would want the same for mine.

  22. Thank you for posting this story - it hit me - getting to know that Pete and Tito passed on the same day and even the same time (a.m./p.m.).. I mean I have discovered things like the favorite watch of my great-grandfather stopped exactly at the time he died which was also strange but this one is different. I am glad that all of Pete's cat-children found a good home within the family. I understand so well how you really sometimes love animals more than people - they are such special beings - remembering my dog (died two years ago at the age of 13 yo) ;-( he was there for me in a way no other ever could have - I miss him so much. Now for 3 years I have a black male cat with green eyes - what a beauty - he has a special personality and it feels so good when he lays beside me and purrs - peaceful. I mean if you treat pet friends good they give so much back - which is not always that sure with people ;-) anyway thank you once more for a very touching story of your unique uncle Pete - unmatched in countless ways & missed without end ..
    Much love & respect

  23. Peter was apparently a very sensitive person that experienced things in a more intense way than the average person. His highs were higher and his lows were lower. He probably self medicated to cope with these feelings. His personality,intelligence,voice, and physique made him very special. His love for his cats is a clue to what a basically good person he must have been.

  24. question dis peter have real children a doughtier?

  25. I just wanted to share a quick story.

    I am a new fan of Type O Negative. I discovered Peter's band one day while listening to the music streaming app, Pandora. His voice really caught my attention. He sounded so natural and unlike any of the music they play on the radio. I looked up Type O Negative in hopes of purchasing tickets to an upcoming concert. I was very disappointed to find out that Peter had passed away just a year before I became a fan.

    A few months go by and a stray cat shows up at my house and being the animal lover I am I kept the cat. I have since then came to know how Peter loved his cats and can't help but be reminded of him every time my own cat comes running up to greet me.

    Through everything I've read Peter seemed like a genuine person. Someone I would have been proud to call a friend. I really wish I could have met him! The things he'd say and opinions he'd express in interviews always hit home with me and put a smile on my face. He certainly brought up excellent points on many things and had such a clear outlook on the world. His music really got myself and his many other fans through some really tough times.

    Peter, you really left behind a legacy that will live on forever. May you rest in peace!

  26. God Bless Peter's family to look after Peter's fur children's.
    They were his loves and meant so much to him. I am relieved and happy to know Peter's cats are well cared for forever.

    My family would always do the same for me as I them if I passed before my fur children. It is a great comfort to me.
    As I am sure Peter is ....

    Very strange that his beautiful Tito died the same day as Peter.
    A coincidence......I think not....

    Peter you are dearly missed and your legacy still lives on...how could it not as Type O Negative is such a fabulous band.

    I applaud your sobriety and grieve that you are no longer with us.
    May you find the peace and happiness in God's love in heaven.
    You deserve it for the battle you fought throughout your life.

  27. Beautiful story, I love Peter Steele and I love cats, I´m glad to know his cats were with his family after his death.

  28. when i read these it makes me miss peter more and more he was a lovely man who had a big heart thank you for this site R.I.P. to one of my heroes peter