Summer of Sam

Since Peters death, our family has dealt with some people who only want to smear his memory with lies, fabrications, delusions & outright evil about him and family members. This person who was in Peter’s life for a short time tries to make money on him with raffles, go fund me scams, and prizes that have contained everything from hair supposedly snipped from his coffin, to shirts he’s worn to soiled underwear, fake handwritten lyrics, and even toe nail clippings.

The person who does these raffles does so to continue to fund her drug habit, but instead she tells you she’s supporting Peter’s illegitimate child or helping the homeless or paying for the former band members' dinner. 

What amazes us the most is how some people take her word at face value. Just because she tells you that Peter told her something does not mean it is by any means truthful. Just because she writes that Peter told her something about a band mate or a family member or a girlfriend doesn't mean it actually happened - they are the made up delusions to support her habit and story. Why would anyone believe what comes out of the mouth of a woman who: pimps out her kids to beg for money on YouTube, FB and who speaks vile lies about a person she claims to love? 

We thought it was time you know a little bit more about this person. Here are some little known facts about the only person Peter DIDNT reconnect with — she's the one who stalked him at a concert and begged anyone who would listen to let her see Peter. 

Let’s Go:

·       Want to know all about her? See “Summer of Sam” poem written by Peter Ratajczyk Steele below

·       Everything this person says about Peter's distaste for people with special needs, people of color, different religions, gay/lesbians & abusing animals is not true — nor was he a pedophile or into bestiality. It’s easy to accuse a dead person these things but why weren’t you saying this shit when he was alive? When you were showing up at his shows begging to see him. Hmmmmm? If you don’t believe us, use some common sense thinking — his band mates, friends, business partners, girlfriends and close friends who know him for decades will tell differently.

*    Plus no video exists of Peter doing anything to hurt any creature or was ever shown to his sisters. The only video she has is a “family memories” tape that she stole from Peter's sister's house and she is trying to sell on ebay or raffle off. If you bought anything that was Peter’s then you too are an accessory to a crime of theft. 

·      The reason why this person talks badly about Peter’s sisters is because they know the real truth about her — that she’s a manipulative elder abuser, thief and pathological liar trying desperately to get money from a dead man.

·        And what kind of crazy are you that you believe a crystal meth head who abandoned her children for several months to follow Peter, never even telling him that you left your children with neighbors and never went back for them ? Only when you were caught did you tell him you had children. And then he told us what a despicable person you were. He told us everything about you.  

·         For the last time, that child isn’t Peter’s. However, he does resemble another band mate from another band that toured with TON. How do we know this? She tried to shake Peter down for money twice — both times ending with lawyer calling her bluff and she retreating back to her fantasy land. End. Of. Story.

·       For someone who hates TON music and fans so much, but claims to have loved Pete, to sell supposed “presents “ he gave her over & over again to fans - does this make any sense to you?

·       Want to know what Peter REALLY thought about her — read this great little poem all about her shenanigans written in Pete’s REAL handwriting- not the dribble she’s been passing off as his for years.

What's her claim to fame? What has she ever accomplished in her life? How does she make her money? hmmmm? How do you think?   If you still follow her nonsense and send her money and read her meth ramblings and 10 page diatribes after all these years then clearly you are as crazy as she is. Enjoy each other.


Summer of Sam

She said she was 30
Same amount as men fucked
Though didn’t look dirty
Was a professional slut
Wasted her religion
She stuttered I’m into more men
From Pepperpond Town
A polygamist then? HippoChristian ?
Questioned my name
John Smith I denied
Do you like my fake tits?
I said yes ( but I lied)
An angel stole a song
and it’s called “Day Tripper”
How do you know this tune?
Because I’m a stripper
Do you have many kids?
And too I should have run
The answer I got was
Will you support my 3 sons ?
So where do you live ?
Mostly at JFK
I changed my flight
Only 6 Times today

Such a great song that seems appropriate for this post.
Mix a little meth in there and you got her: 

UPDATE: While we don't know who this person is that runs this blog, we want to thank you for posting the truth:    https://petersteeletruth.wordpress.com/2018/05/28/heres-the-deal-untruths-exposed/

UPDATE: Thanks BFree for speaking the truth by exposing the lies:  http://bfreeport.tumblr.com/


  1. Jeremy (Orville) ΑΘΘΘΘΩ9:23 AM, May 30, 2018

    I am so terribly sorry that you guys still have to deal with this, as if you haven't been through enough.

  2. Wow...unbelievable! It's sad that this is still going on. Karma will get her!

  3. Thank you for finally coming out publicly with this information and setting the record straight! She needs to be stopped from all her illegal activities, and disparaging Peter's memory with lies.

  4. Sorry to hear you have to deal with this nonesense. But glad to see an input in this forum.

  5. She's going to get her Karma, ten-fold

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  7. What an absolute shame to hear of this slander and defamation. Sending your family all my light and love during this time. I can only imagine the stress and turmoil this has caused, not only for the family but for all of us who still love and support Peter and T.O.N.

  8. I am absolutely heartbroken for all of you. Hopefully soon we can put an end to her charade and your family, as well as Peter, can get some peace.

  9. I am so sorry this person won't stop her bullshit :)

  10. Best thing I’ve read in a long time! Sorry that this narcissist piece of baggage is still doing this to your family. I so hope it’s over soon.

    Beth H.

  11. It's great to see this. I've been so pissed that this psycho bitch would say these things. I know none of her ramblings are true. What a pathetic human being.She will burn in hell for this, no doubt. I'm so sorry you guys are dealing with this. Peter has an army that will defend his name and memory, and we will stand by your sides with love and respect for the man who gave us more than he could ever know. 💚💚💚💚

  12. Donna Zech-Anderson3:33 PM, May 30, 2018

    There it is, people! Straight from Pete's FAMILY! STOP DRINKING THE POISONED KOOL-AID! Much love and adoration to PETE'S FAMILY. ��

  13. Dear Ratajczyk Family...anything we can do to help, we'll do.

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    2. Thanks BFree ... Everything you are already doing is much appreciated ... I hope you don't mind that I added your link to this updated post.

  14. I know Peter and his family a long time. He was as is his family one of the realest people I have ever met. This psychotic bitch angers me . Believe me she has nothing from him, no memorabilia no child NOTHING. So keep him alive through memories and music and disregard the negative shit...it's all false.

  15. Absolutely evil! Every dog has its day! She will get hers! Keep staying strong Peace love and light to you all! X

  16. Your family's been through too much that unfortunately isn't over yet. It seems that the drug whore won't stop until her heart does. :/

  17. Absolutely evil! Every dog has its day! She will get hers! Keep staying strong! Peace love and light to you all! X

  18. Siegrid A Patterson5:52 PM, May 30, 2018

    When the irrelevant and soulless desperately grasp for relevancy by dimming the light of one so bright, they bring nothing but ruin and sorrow in their wake. Be comforted by your cherished memories; that light can never be dulled. I wish peace and solace for you all.

    Siegrid P.

  19. What a bitch! It could've been mentioned here or not, but wasn't she his fiance, too? She's been taking a ride on the crazy train for too long. I am so sorry that you all have to go through this. She will never tarnish the memory of Peter.��

  20. Pete was a beautiful human being inside and out. Karma will catch her.

  21. I'm so sorry that your family has had to deal with such lies and slander. It truly breaks my heart to see someone say such vile things against someone who is no longer alive to defend themselves, I'm glad that this page exists to let the truth be known. As a long time fan dealing with depression loss of loved ones and a whole list of dysfunction, Peter's music and lyrics always helped me cope and still helps me to this very day. long live the Green Man

  22. The truth shall set us free. Thank you for posting this. Forever supportice of your family, Fran

  23. I became aware of “Melissa” through a FB group. It was obvious to me that she suffers from some type of severe psychosis. Apparently, she has been estranged from her large family for many years, which certainly raises more questions. She has skated through life for the simple fact that she’s attractive. I’m guessing life must be difficult for her because we get what we give. I can’t begin to imagine the grief that the Ratajczak Family & Pete’s Friends have suffered since his passing. For her to intentionally cause them additional grief is unthinkable & is the ultimate form of evil. Stay Strong! Best Always, Becks

  24. Reading this hurts my heart and freshens the loss of Peter.
    My thoughts are with your family.

  25. Peter made an indelible mark on this earth and no one can ever take that away from him...no matter how hard they try. Sending light and love in masses of waves to the Ratajczyk family. Lea

  26. WOW. i have seen some of her ramblings over the years. I have also been victim of stalker behavior. No one gave a shit.

  27. I first found TON in 1991, It took until around 97 but they eventually became one of my top 3 favorite bands and remain as such to this day, I have the logo inked on my arm as well as my wife, My wife walked down the isle at our wedding to Love you to death,Funny story about how I learned how to play the bass, Cliff Burton, Rodger Waters and Peter Steele are my three biggest influences and Peter Steele is actually how I learned how to play properly, The first song I ever learned was Black #1 and to this day the opening riff for that is my warm up every single time I play, After I mastered that song I ended up finding all of Pete's tablature and I sat there for hours and hours every day, For weeks and months until I could finally play every piece of music that Pete ever wrote as good as he did so in a roundabout way Peter taught me how to play the bass, I met him and the entire band twice in the late 90s and the early 2000s at two separate shows and he was one of the nicest human beings I've ever met as well as everyone else in the band, You can generally tell when someone's a piece of shit and when they're not by spending more than 5 minutes talking to them and he did not put off any kind of vibe that pointed towards him being anything like what this woman says, Rest in peace green man, You are missed...

  28. My thoughts are with Peter's family, friends and band mates.
    I never take stake in any comments period. Just love the fact he was an awesome bass player, singer and song writer. One of the best and my personal favorite lead singer. Wish I met him.

  29. Loved Peter's depth in singing. Thoughts are always with the Family, friends and band mates.
    Wish I met him.

  30. Dear Ratajczyk clan,

    Thank you for posting this, for years now there has been much turmoil to do with this particular individual. I am so sorry you have to deal with that crap on top of your grief and loss.

    Pete's music will stay with me forever, it's been a life saver, a great comfort and a major source of inspiration.

    Thank YOU for inspiring Pete to pursue his music. I bet there would not have been a Carnivore, nor a Type O Negative if he hadn't had that amount of support from his family.

    If there is anything I can help you guys out with, please let me know.
    Sending you love and strength from The Netherlands.


    Tammy (Tamara)

  31. Thank you so much for this post!! The truth shall always be revealed!! We will love TON and Peter forever!!

  32. I remember this woman. She was there when my friends and me went backstage after the last Type O show in Cleveland. I could detect the crazy on her, especially when we started chatting with Pete - NICEST GUY EVER, BTW, and nothing but a complete gentleman to my girlfriends and me. Even though this woman seemed unstable, I could never have imagined she'd be capable of things like this. Good lord! I'm so sorry that his loved ones have to endure this insanity. As for Peter, as a fan who admired him since my teenage years, meeting him was a pleasure and one of the coolest experiences ever. I could tell that that big guy also had a big heart and was undeserving of this nonsense.

  33. I hope it is okay that I share my love for the band a little story I am to this day still baffled about.

    I was going through a rough time in my life, laying at home and feeling incredibly low. TON was in a couple of playlists, but I had not really LISTENED deeply. I started doing that and really took it all inn. My depression found a way through the music and lyrics. Suddenly, my cat started looking and blinking (you know, the way they show love) around 2 metres up on the wall in a corner of my living room. Every time I put on some TON, she would purr loudly and walk around that corner, as if she was cuddling someone she really liked. She is a beautiful Norwegian Forest cat, a rescue with a really horrible past of abuse before I took her in and gave her all the love I could.
    This continued for a couple of weeks, Pete comforted me in my dreams, I heard the word "Hey Ladybug" from time to time in a deep voice. In the end, I asked if he was there, while laying in my bed crying. Suddenly I felt a huge hand take my hand. I could even see my hand changing colour, and I felt a friendly kind of love.

    I don't know if I was crazy. Maybe it was his music just really speaking to me. I guess I would never know. But his music really helped me through that time in my life, and I will forever be greatfull about that. I am so sorry if this feels offencive in any way; I hope it shows my respect for all of you.

    I am so sorry all this has happened from you. From him and the blog, it is very easy to see what a great family you are and how much love you have for other people. I wish you all the best, and I am proud to be one of the people that try to fight this lady the way I can.

    Lots of love, all the way from Norway. Cat, and all. <3

  34. Anyone who is a true fan of TON and Peter knows the truth…. And will never listen, understand or appreciate such slander and lies!
    It’s a shame the world is full of jackasses who trie to tell lies, make money or even just wanna forward the ridiculous gossip.

    Please Ratajczyk family, know that you will always have the support of thousands and thousands of fans all over the world.
    Karma is a bitch and ugly, rotten people will get what they deserve one way or another.

    With lots of love from Holland

    aka Dark Angel

  35. An Angel roams in Heaven
    Within the still of the night
    Like picture stills lost in time
    The eternal breath that is our light
    Was how you lived your life . . .

    For those emerald eyes, might I entice
    Your wraith that hides
    Behind the curtain call
    Searching for your prime
    You were lost in time
    Yet your fire still burns
    In the souls of us all . . .

    I am so very sorry, Ratajczyk clan, that you all still have to endure these issues years later. None of you signed up for this, however, do know there are legions of fans out there still who honor the big man with the warmest thoughts and love . . .

  36. Peter was a GOOD man with a GOOD family. We will not believe the lies being spewed from a sick mind. May she get the help she desperately needs, find peace and stop her ugly activities. I feel sorry for her children and worry about the direction their lives will head toward. May they get the help I suspect they will need.

    Love to Peter and his family and to all those that love and appreciate Peter, his life and his music.