He Is Not Dead ...

Reprinted with permission from Jennifer Rose Gallery
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As our family and close friends gather to remember Pete Steele today on the anniversary of his passing, we may shed tears, offer prays, hug each other, visit the family grave, send good thoughts into the universe, gather at our Redhook church at noon, and meet as a group in Prospect Park at
Peter's Tree -- we bring with us all the stories and dedication that fans have shared with us in the last year.
Reprinted with  permission by Angie

Whether you believe it or not, we display your photographs in our homes. We share your artwork with friends. We buy pendants and jewelry inspired by Peter's likeness and music. We gather to listen to bands who reach out to us. We email your heartfelt letters to each other so we can smile, cry, laugh and enjoy the experiences you treasured with Peter. 
We support you loving Peter

          Posted with permission by Angie

We thank you for keeping his genius alive
 by playing his songs, sharing his music and poetry
 with your friends, kids, students, family. 
The only thing our family wants is to preserve Peter's memory and legacy for future generations of music fans and rock enthusiasts. It is our hope that Peter's legacy could be documented for his fans to learn more about Peter's early years, the highlights in his life, the people he was inspired by, the friends he made along the way, the fans who are forever impacted by his words and music, the amazing musicians who became his life-long friends, bandmates who are his blood brothers and protectors of his legacy, and the internal struggles that he endured as a sensitive and caring man, as noted in his lyrics. We hope that documentation will come in some form in the future.

Artwork posted with permission  from Karla Collins

The photos in today's post are a few examples of our favorite inspired items from our STEELE family along with some quotes close to my literary & musical heart. I hope you will visit these artists' online stores to support and inquire about their work. xoxo Darcie

Artwork posted with permission
from Karla Collins

“He Is Not Dead
I cannot say, and I will not say
That he is dead. He is just away.
With a cheery smile, and a wave of the hand,
He has wandered into an unknown land
And left us dreaming how very fair

It needs must be, since he lingers there.

And you—oh you, who the wildest yearn
For an old-time step, and the glad return,
Think of him faring on, as dear
In the love of There as the love of Here.
Think of him still as the same. I say,
He is not dead—he is just away.” 

Reprinted with permission from Jennifer Rose Gallery
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"Cybernetic energetic
Mutilating fear creating
Iconoclastic Polyplastic
All mechanic Pro-Satanic
Sample my machinery!"

-- Peter Thomas Ratajczyk, Fallout

Posted with permission by Angela

"They say that a part of you dies when a special Loved One passes away...I disagree...I say a part of  you lives with your Loved One on the other side.”  
― Daniel Yanez

This pendant is available from Valery Ashley

"Hate is fear
I rip at my face in the mirror
death approaching
expiration growing nearer
I'm rotting inside
I'm disgusted with myself
I'm in hell"
--Peter Thomas Ratajczyk, Carnivore

Tree of Life Pendants from The Crooked Oak Tree

“The dead are never truly gone. They linger in our minds and hearts and torture us with a malice they were not capable of in life.”     ― Courtney M. PrivettShadows of Absolution

Photo enhanced by Tab Bendeich

Life has to end, Love doesn't.”

Photo enhanced & posted 

with permission from Angie 
For the meek shall inherit the earth ...

Reprinted with permission from Jennifer Rose Gallery
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 I'm ending this posting with a youtube video that was compiled to illustrate the vocal ranges of  Peter Steele. Check it out: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Jm0QV76dmaU
(nice job: Tarantinomaniac)


  1. A beautiful tribute Darcie, as always. Thanks for sharing. :)

    Love ya--Patty P

  2. This is beautiful! To Peter's family (his sisters, his nieces Darcie and Marie, his other nieces, etc) sending you love today and always. He is each your own personal guardian angel. He is very missed. Can't believe it's 3 years. Today, in honor of Peter, everyone should play Type O Negative as a celebration of his life and all the music that he gave to us!

  3. I love it. It's all beautiful. Thanks Daricie. Dianna Lane. PHX, Az

  4. thank you so much for posting. i look at the blog all the time hoping to see something. this is special. i really miss peter's genius and humor. I know he must be smiling at us somewhere out there . .

  5. Much love and respect for the Ratajczyk family and his closest friends.

  6. "If you fall, I will catch you
    When you’re lost, I’ll be there soon
    Far away, but of course near
    When you’re sad, I’m always here"
    - Peter Steele, Type 0 Negative

    Forever in Our Hearts...

  7. Another year passes, and yet the impact of losing Peter still feels as fresh as this day three years ago.

    Thank you so much for todays post. I'll never forget Peter. His music still helps me through the dark times and I am forever grateful to him and his brothers for that. Peter, you are my Iron Man! I love you and miss you.

    Rest in peace, Peter and Tito.

  8. my heart goes out to you... i miss him. :(
    love from germany
    tine ♥

  9. Thank you for sharing this. Such a beautiful sentiment, he lives on in our hearts! <3

  10. Pete’s music and artistry lives through his fans. He was a rare and unique talent. I live on Long Island, and when ever Type-O-Negative played in the NY area, my husband and I were there. We’ve been fans since the early days. Our 13 year old daughter is one too. Pete’s music is always blasting in the car or in our home. Pete’s presence and voice on stage were mesmerizing. We never met him personally, but we feel we knew him through his music. We just want his family to know he was admired and loved by people he never knew and he was always be remembered by his fans!

  11. Thank you for sharing.The Green Man and the Great Band in Heaven must be playing really loud today! He's forever in our hearts , love to the Family Ana M.

  12. Love the art von Jennifer Rose and "The Crooked Oak Tree"!

  13. With respect, love, and peace to you all. Still sad. BABS

  14. Rest in Peace great visionary.

  15. I have the honor to meet Peter at small club in Wilkes Barre called CCs. It was for an interview with tge local college. When he came into the back he put his hand on my shoulder. His touch so gentle and as I turned to see those beautiful green eyes that were so hypnotic. It was the best interview with the most interesting person I have ever had the privilege of meeting. His music is like no others. Such a wonderful man we have lost. To the family I know he isn't here bodily but his legacy of music, poems, and art will live forever. My kids are 10 and 13 and love his music as much as I. We play in honor of Peter this morning Black No 1 and Hallows eve. Peter is a legacy that no one will forget. Forever in our hearts a minds RIP Peter for someday we will see one another again in a better life. With much love to the family peace be with you on this heartbreaking anniversary.

  16. RIP GREEN MAN! Although you are at the big gig in the sky my love for you will never die! Your music, your genius, humor, and your big heart for the love of your fans is why I am never going to let your legacy die! I have listened to your amazing voice and brilliance since Carnivore and I have no intentions of stopping anytime soon! Thank you to Peters family, friends, fans, and bandmates for sharing your memories of a man that was no doubt one of a kind!

  17. Even though I never met him personally in this lifetime, I am very drawn to his spirit. I am very grateful to have had his music influence my life is such a beautiful and eternal way. Thank you, Peter, for coming here and sharing your creative genius with the world and I will see you when I leave this realm. God bless you, Ratajczyk family. Θ

  18. Thank you for this very beautiful post today - all the artwork is really beautiful and unique as well as the lyrics you choose. So much missed but never forgotten and the green spirit lives on thru so many things & in so much forms of art. Blasting TypeONegative music today, lighting the green candle & thinking of you today. My heart goes out to you the family, his band mates and friends. Thank you so much for sharing.
    Love & Respect

  19. And the entire Vinnland nation celebrates the life of their most awesome king, Peter Thomas Ratajczyk. Rest in peace sweet angel. I know you watch over us. Much love to all the Ratajczyk family and my adopted Steele family. Wish we could all be together for just one day.

  20. all my love to the ratachickies <3 thank you so much for giving my art to peter here :')

    just wrote this, hope it's ok to post, delete if inappropriate, please darcie

    what is life?
    for body, mind & soul
    a series of opportunities & lessons?
    do we suffer to learn?
    to gain something beyond our mortal ken?

    i read - the higher the vibration,
    the lighter, purer, the essence...
    that the physical is heavy, impure, slow

    science cannot fathom
    our mysterious animating-factor...
    but it is there, nevertheless...
    i read - once it is truly released,
    pure beauty of spirit resides
    in eternal love & bliss

    so what is life?
    so what is death?
    rest in peace there, peter <3


    1. Rose from NY now in CA1:31 AM, April 24, 2013

      beautiful...I get it Angiepangie...thank you

    2. & thank you for your feedback, rose... best wishes to you <3 ang

  21. Thank you for sharing all of the amazing stories about Pete. They have allowed me to appreciate his music even more!

  22. Much love to Peter's family, friends and my TON family today. <3

  23. Thank you for your life and music Gentle Giant,thank you the Ratajczyk Family, RIP Peter

  24. Peter...after all this time, you remain one of the only people in my life that I could be myself with, without judgement...thank you for seeing what no one else did...I am stretched at your grave and will lie there forever....

  25. I miss You so much.

  26. i still cant believe this i allways wait for a video or something like that where peter shows up and tells to everybody " jajaja i got ya this is a joke for all of you " but i think thats not possible.All my love and respect for all the ratajcyk family and friends

  27. https://fbcdn-sphotos-d-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-prn1/13909_490040634378863_805445039_n.jpg

    my tribute for Peter.
    Thank you for all posts about Peter's life, he is inspiration for many people all over the world. He will always be in our hearts.

  28. Peete, you're in our hearts, 4ever

  29. Rose from NY now in CA1:26 AM, April 24, 2013

    I'm in tears again. Like it was my brother, my son, my friend, my lover. This tribute and many others I hope always always bring to light how much Peter was loved and meant to people. What a treasure, what a true blessing he was. Life ends, love doesn't. Yes indeed. Thank you for sharing your beautiful thoughts, poems, utubes etc. I'm so sad that we do not have this giant of man to admire in life but if you call upon the angels of God to come into your life and protect you, listen, you'll be able to hear him, feel him. Call angels to his side and protect him, love him then they will love him too. I listen to him almost every day, I play it LOUD!!! Only way to hear it. Love you all so much, thank you again. We're all with you, we pray for you too. So grateful he came into this life only for a short time. But oh boy what he accomplished!! Be proud, he left his mark. Peace to Peter's family, friends, bandmates. Rose

  30. Listening to Black nu. 1 thinking about when I was younger. He was an incredibly powerful and influential musician. Sad to think he's gone but happy to celebrate the music he's left behind. :)

  31. Rose R from NY now in CA7:17 PM, June 22, 2013

    We will never forget your brother, your bandmate, your friend. He was larger than life and a kind man. You could see it in his beautiful green eyes. That smile, such a kind loving sweet smile. He was a deep man, inside he had love we could all see it. We miss him beyond the moon and stars. Peter even though you're not here physically, you are living inside everyone who loved you, who respected you. Thank you for everything you left us, for changing us. Peace and love to all who read these posts, thank you to Peter's family. We tried to let go, but we could not. We keep writing we keep looking for new posts. It's all so sad but we will remember him and always celebrate his legacy every day. I will definately be reading the book when it comes out...Soul ON Fire. Take care...Love Rose

  32. I just want to take the time to say that I was and still am a huge admirer of Peter. He has made a huge impact on me musically. Whenever I've been in a bad moment his music has always been there to put me in a better mood. I remember seeing Type O live in 2008 and I was just blown away by it. It is a concert I definitely never will forget. Peter is one of the main reasons I became a vocalist. I just want to thank him for making such a huge impact on me not just in music, but in life as well. And I hope to see him when my time comes. Type O and Carnivore will be bands I will never stop listening to! R.I.P. PETER!! SHINE ON!!

  33. Tony here,

    RIP Polish Pete

    You made your family proud

  34. Such a great talent!

  35. My heart truly goes out to the family of Peter Steele. I just found this blog and I hope that you continue with it and never feel the need to explain or make apologies if any kind. Nobody has the right to say anything against what you are doing here. Your site is beautifully done and the way you are honoring him here is really admirable. TON was, and still is, one of my favorite bands of all time. There are few bands that I would say really managed to resonate with me the way TON could and for that I could never say thank you for the music enough. I hope that you continue in keeping the memory alive with this blog and any other avenue you feel is right and does justice to his memory. Is there a way to send a more personal email to the family? If so, I would like to do so as I am reluctant to publically post much. Thank you and I am truly sorry for your loss and wish you the best.

  36. hello ratajczyk family I want to thankyou for this site and tell you how much peter really means to me. peter had changed my life for the better when I had discovered his music threw a satellite radio service in 2008 his music was so good to my ears I had something to enjoy and occupy me during the loss of a few family members and health problems Its been a lifestyle since I'm a daily listener and listen only to his music and I have to say every song is more than just my favorite! but as far as the songs that I just have to put on over and over those would be Todd's ship gods,I don't wanna be me,we hate everyone,too late frozen,christiane woman,everything dies and love you to death well I guess I shouldsay them all lol because I can name like 20 more black number one is a big favorite.I pray for all of you I'm so sorry for your loss your not alone I miss him very much. peters music will always be passed down threw generations and that's something that will keep his memory alive forever. take care everyone and we miss you peter your huge fan Joe from upstate ny.

  37. dear family members,
    it's long time I have visited here - I love you all and wish to tell that I have not forgotten.
    With love,
    anonymous xxx

  38. You should know Peter 's music has transcended it all. He is a god & legend to some of us in India. How I wish I saw the band live! Regards, Nikhil

  39. I still miss you everyday Peter and think of you often. Christmastime is a happy occasion, but also sad and reflective as we remember those that have gone before us. As I think of Red Water: Christmas Mourning now tears are welling up in my eyes. You are gone too soon; an angel called home, but we all still miss you. You gave so much to so many people and made a difference in my life and I never even knew you. That's how powerful you were. You were such a special person. Sometimes I wonder what the purpose of us being here is; I like to think that it is to help each other; to love each other. Peter, gentle soul, rest now and know what a huge difference you made on this Earth. It will just never be the same without you. Never.

  40. Miss you, Green Man.

  41. Rose from NY now in CA10:40 PM, March 10, 2014

    I have been listening to many CD's lately from TON. I'm discovering more songs I love. I Can't Lose You...That voice, that passion. Its coming up to the date, the day when it was hard to breathe. Still hits me hard, still feel it. What a man, what a blessing, what a talent. You are always in our minds, Peter. Sending love to you in heaven. Rose

  42. I've read all the blog in a day and still thinking how wonderful Peter family is. Love here is more than a feeling, I've never met Peter but by reading your stories it's like Peter's still here with us.. really emotional..
    I hope I expressed myself correctly... Love from Italy... Jessica

  43. Rose R from NY now in CA10:49 PM, April 08, 2014

    Coming to the date again, takes my breathe away. Listening to TON on my phone daily, looking into the green eyes of Peter seeing into his soul. What a beautiful soul. The good people who die young teach us the most valuable lessons, don't they? We have all lost a loved one, it never is easy to take the reality in. Just remember what they meant to you, what they taught you. He gave 100% of himself to us all. I Can't Lose You, that voice. Christian Woman...the songs are like children, he never had a favorite, he said that many times. I have favorites...how about ALL of them. He was a genius. I had the honor of speaking once to Cathy, Peter's sister. WE talked about how much he meant, it was a short conversation but I felt it. I bought (2) Memorial Tshirts, I still wear to this day (1) to the gym and .(1) when I'm out and about.
    Peter you will be remembered as a kind man, a talented man, a loving man who gave to us something we will never forget. Thank you. Love to you in Heaven. . .

  44. Rose R from NY now in CA9:07 PM, April 14, 2014

    My One And Only Love lyrics...thinking of you today Peter. We all Miss you until the end of time.....

    The very thought of you makes
    My heart sing
    Like an April breeze
    On the wings of spring
    And you appear in all your splendour
    My one and only love

    The shadows fall
    And spread their mystic charms
    In the hush of night
    While you're in my arms
    I feel your lips so warm and tender
    My one and only love

    The touch of your hand is like heaven
    A heaven that I've never known
    The blush on your cheek
    Whenever I speak
    Tells me that you are my own

    You fill my eager heart with
    Such desire
    Every kiss you give
    Sets my soul on fire
    I give myself in sweet surrender
    My one and only love

    The blush on your cheek
    Whenever I speak
    Tells me that you are my own
    You fill my eager heart with
    Such desire
    Every kiss you give
    Sets my soul on fire
    I give myself in sweet surrender
    My one and only love

    My one and only love

  45. I'm sure that Peter family are trying to deal right now with this time..the fans understand. We just can't let go. He meant so much to us. If you've decided to end this message tribute then we'll respect that. If you read these messages still then peace be with you. Takes my breath away when I realize the depth of this loss. A kind man such a giant heart. Always going to think of him. We miss you Peter..peace to you in heaven.

  46. Rose from NY now in California1:02 AM, April 21, 2014

    Just listened to wolf moon again.
    Got chills again. Then heard him sing She wants to know God in Christian woman feel feel feel God. Now Peter knows God. He is at peace. love to you Peter in heaven. Rose

  47. I think that people like Peter should live and share their talent forever. I was watching TON gigs on YouTube (thank God someone did the uploads) and thinking about beautiful music Peter created. He was absolutely talented person. And one more thing - after I read this blog I feel regret that I'm not a part of Ratajczyk family.

  48. Agreed, Michael. The Ratajczyk family seems to be a nurturing, protective family. To the Ratajczky family...thank you for this blog. Thank you for sharing the real Peter with us.
    I do try to look at the videos on YouTube, but they are set to private.

  49. Hello, im Joanne from Liverpool Uk
    I really like this tribute page for your Dear Brother Pete, He was and still is a big influence on everyone his music as helped me a great deal with personal issues, one was the sad loss of my own mother a year after Pete passed away. I have read by other fans too how he has helped us though his music. I only got into his kind of music the past ten years. attending concerts opened up quite a change of life for myself, in music tastes and Career opportunities working with bands locally and for Planet Rock in London Festivals. I didn't get the chance to see pete live at concerts but i have watched quite a lot of interviews and concerts on you tube to learn more about his beauty and his music way back to 1984. I have bought quite a lot of his music and looking for Books and Records to complete my collection. I find a strong connection between your Brother and your family i had a large family myself 3 brothers and 1 sister, and me i am the baby of my family, your images remind me of my family my mother and my father and my brothers and sister, it is really unusual. I find i watch videos of pete on you tube and he feels like family, my family come from a musical back ground of art, photography and musically talented i have some fan art if you would like it of pete for your website if you would like me to send it please contact me at joanneelizabethlawler@yahoo.co.uk.I try to email you on the address given but can't access it. Thank you for this Beautiful page and the photographs i often enjoy looking at until early hours of the morning x


  51. I miss you, Peter... I feel feel for you.
    I light a candle and cook oatmeal cookies and buy red wine on Halloween, for you.
    Caroline, Brazil October 2015.

  52. Thanks to the Ratajczky family for this blog. Peter will never be forgotten and will always be loved. He will live on through his music always!

  53. Happy Birthday Pete. Still love you, still miss you.


  54. Big thank you to Pete's sisters for this blog. Even years later, the brevity of your loss and that of the fans has an immensely deep impact. And it sucks big time. Pete was a brother to us all. The anniversary of Pete's death has continually been a mile stone in both grieving and healing from my aunt's death on January 10th, 2010. Same with losing Alexander McQueen. Two great minds. Pete brought me so much happiness through his music and just being him. I still listen to Type O whenever I'm working on a painting or anything creative, it's my work jam. Pete's voice has been the soundtrack to so much of my life and will continue to be. I remember constantly watching the video for "Everythimg Dies" as I watched my aunt die in the final months of her cancer. It was the only thing I could relate to in that process. I want to say thanks to Pete for being there through his music in a way no one and nothing else could be. Your brother did so much good in so many lives with what him and the boys made. As a Catholic, I was so proud of and happy for Pete when he returned to the church. That took great courage and sincerity. It also strengthened my faith in our God. So Pete, you big lunk, God bless you and bring peace to yours. You are definitely with our Lord. And you're always with us. Btw, Steele sisters, I run a fragrance company, please feel free to email me, I'd love to send you gift packs as a thank you.

  55. Hi. It will be the first time for me to write in here since I m not used to react to any blog I feel a bit clueless and stupid. It will be about 2 weeks now that I ve got acquainted to this page and all the type o negative art phenomenon. And it will be now six years that the world lost one of the most moving voices and presence that I have ever had the chance to encounter...and its proper meaning, at least for some.
    I have read somewhere in this blog that meeting Peter Steele produces a connection. I think that is how I felt when his music transcended me, when I read about the artist, the man, his genious, his generosity, his torment. The choking sadness and the meloncholia that surrounded me surprised me mostly and individually. A surrendering and unexplained feeling of powerlessness that I had to succomb to it or try to breathe. I really don't know if this blog is still kept or if my post will be noticed. I honestly don't care (sorry if it offences). I only wanted in this unordinary day to share late condolences and to give hopefully heard prayers to someone a haven't thought dear, someone so drastically different of everything I could be, me the prude little fool that I am and yet so close to me in his humanity. May God give him peace and mercifully regards him the day when it would be the interest of what we would hope for. And may God gives his family solace in remembering him and all the good he was. I pray for the onehe cared for and those who cared for him to still have the strength and the faith to keep going on. Now he is where the truth remains and one day Peter will be again. The time is to come for him yet for us...

  56. There isn't a day that goes by that don't think of Pete , I'll always miss that beautiful smile , that deep voice , To me he was perfect with the faults , I will see you again , love MaryAnn

  57. I was listening to Howard Stern play his version of cinnamon girl. What a voice.

  58. Misandra de Moneys6:41 PM, September 06, 2016

    Hello there,
    First thx for your blog, it is amazing and so full of love, that's a beautiful idea.
    I'm a TON French fan since more than 20 years now. I went to a gig in Paris in 1999. This day, I have sent a souvenir to Pete at the gig location. it was the picture of Baudelaire's grave in Paris. As I was on the front line at the gig, I could notice that he kept the picture in one of his pocket. I know it s a very long time ago, but do you know if he kept it? Or did you find it in his stuff?
    Thank you again to your wonderful family for this tribute, that s so good for the heart...

    Email: chergui.myriam45@gmail.com

  59. Misandra de Moneys7:05 PM, September 06, 2016

    I can send you a copy of the photo I'm talking about, it can help :)

  60. I'm not the kind of person to leave messages on, well, pretty much anything, but after the spirit of serendipity (who manipulates the lost within Youtube) led me back inexorably to TypeONegative vids, I've been inundated with memories and ended up here.

    More than twenty years have passed since I first heard Pete's voice and I realise now that it somehow reverberated throughout my being. I wish I could express that in a less cliched or overwrought fashion - but, its pretty much as accurate as it gets.

    Pete's music was the soundtrack to a first love which lasted for 10 years, and was the background to a cataclysmic period at University - basically the fallout from which structured the rest of my life.

    I somehow missed the release of Dead Again, but later heard the news of Pete's passing, and mourned in a way I'm not ashamed to admit. Again, I'm not taken to bouts of self-indulgent weeping at the passing of well-known figures.

    Having spent the evening listening to the full range of Pete's output and reading this blog, I'm struck by two things.

    One, I cannot understand why Pete and Type O Negative haven't been recognised more widely - surely the most consistent AND progressive band in recent times. Each album is timeless, recognisably the same band, changes each time but is never forced... I genuinely can't think of another group who have ever achieved the same... *perhaps* Sabbath.

    Two, I'm glad that Pete had such a good family around him. Just by reading this blog, its absolutely evident his sisters, cousins, and extended family, are genuine and lovely people.
    There aren't many gargantuan music stars who have an old-school blotspot blog, maintained with genuine care from moderators and passersby alike.

    I truly hope with my entire being that you, his family, are coping as well as is possible. If you no longer check this page, I think we should all be grateful as that may mean your grief has moved on to another stage. If you do check it, I hope it gives you some comfort to know you were related to, and contributed to, one of the most genuinely musically talented and artistically unique people in modern times.

    With love,

  61. Hi. Just wanted to send my best thoughts to you. I have only recently discovered this blog and I am extremely happy to find out so many things about Peter and about you, his wonderful family. I am a fan since I was 15... :) (long time ago that was), I've been a member on the TON forum for a long while, until Peter left us and the band dissolved. Sending you my best thoughts from Romania, where I'm happy to still discover many fans of TON every day. Thank you for sharing all of your wonderful stories. He was a wonderful person, and reading your stories I am more and more convinced of that, and, getting to know all these things about how you were as a family, I understand better why he was such a great guy. All the best wishes and keep remembering him and sharing with us!

  62. Happy birthdays Peter!
    Your neighbor Mike