New Authorized Merchandise from the Estate of Peter Steele

Finally ! You asked for more authentic and authorized merchandise for Carnivore and memorial items for the memory of Peter Steele and we got the merchandise to ship from the United States (thanks to Peter's sister Cathy).

The Estate of Peter Steele is happy to announce merchandise for sale in Peter's honor. Artist Joey James Hernandez lends his extraordinary talent to bring this vision to life on the Tshirts along with artist Lisa O'Brien to recreate Peter's unique signature.

In Peter's memory, a portion of the proceeds will go to St. Christopher's Inn (a temporary homeless shelter dedicated to the rehabilitation of men in crisis). Thank you for helping to keep Peter's memory and music alive for future generations.

Here is the catalog of merchandise, which includes bundles and single items of:

* Peter Steele Dusk Black T Shirt

* Thermonuclear Warrior Red T Shirt

* Carnivore CD

* Digitally Remastered Retaliation CD

Click Here to Purchase:


  1. thank you Cathy and everybody else for all your hard work! hoping it will ship to The Netherlands I will order the dusk t-shirt!!

  2. Thanks for keeping Peter’s memory alive. It’s amazing to get a personal perspective from the family. 💚🖤

  3. :) thank you for keeping memory alive!

  4. By chance I find myself here tonight as I didn't know posts were still made. I think of Peter often even though we never met. I've been listening to Peter's music now for 28 years. He's a big part of my life so I can't even begin to imagine how hard it is for you all. Great that's there is new merchandise and Carnivore on CD. Love to you all in the Ratajczyk family. x

  5. Hello. I am from Brazil, I have been listening to Type O Negative since 1998, when I am 16, I am 37 now! Is there any official store to buy Type O negative shirts or material?
    Please keep it up with the stories. It is very nice to know the personal life of Peter Steele

  6. I discovered Peter’s music in 1994 and saw him in Italy in 2003 (the only Italian concert) at A Summer Day In Hell. Peter had been very kind to his fans. The news of his death shocked me, and I can’t even imagine the pain his family feels. Thank you for telling us episode of his life, his generosity, his irony. Thank you to Peter for giving us a part of his soul.

  7. I saw Type O Negative once and am so glad I did. It was at "Sonar" in Baltimore on May 6, 2007.

    I was late in discovering the band but quickly added their CD's and the more I listened the more I grew to appreciate the band.

    Peter seemed like such a nice person. I emailed him once about music, explaining I was a keyboardist and that I loved what Josh Silver contributed and closed by saying I wish we could hang out sometime. He never answered but that's ok!

    I'm just really glad I went that night.

    Kind Regards to the Ratajczyk family for Christmas. I'll be saying a prayer for Peter too.

  8. The link in your blog to buy merchandise send me to a page that ONLY sells the red Carnivore tshirt, hoodie and CD. I would really like to know how to purchase the Black tshirt with Peter Steele's name and picture on it. I am a huge fan and would like to help keep his memory alive. Please let me know where I can get one. Thank you for your time and patience and Happy New Year.

  9. Happy birthday Peter!